Who we are

Stand Up For Your Rights (SUFYR) is an International Human Rights NGO, focusing on Human Rights issues that are intertwined with a sustainable future of people and all life on this planet.


Our goal is "To promote, protect, support and develop human rights. More specifically of human rights related to a sustainable future of people on planet earth."



We are a group of passionate, dedicated and positive professionals who jointly advocate the concept of Rights of Nature and other human rights-based approach to protect nature and our ecosystems. We consider this an innovative approach that will help the world to achieve a sustainable future in 2030 and beyond, as framed in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

We try to accomplish this by taking on tasks and activities, such as: 

  • Education & awareness information, research, consultation and action obtaining a sustainable balance between humans, human rights, environment and nature conservation;
  • Convening bringing and keeping together international and local groups, including but not limited to civil society, NGOs and nonprofit groups and networks, involved in human rights, development, nature conservation and/or environmental issues and to motivate them to actively take on the overarching human rights;
  • Adressing local, regional and global issues, violations or problems; misconduct and impunity of violations of or related to human rights;
  • Supporting those who are at risk because of their human rights activities;

SUFYR is registered as a charitable foundation under Dutch law.