Our Board

Tineke Lambooy is our Board Treasurer. Prof. dr. Tineke Lambooy LL.M. is Professor of Corporate Law at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Tineke conducts multidisciplinary research projects aimed at Corporate Social Responsibility. She is a Worldconnector and Member of the Lab for Future Generations.

She has been an editor of the law review “European Company Law” (Leiden University) since (2005), is an active member of a Dutch female CSR and Sustainable Development network, has been an initiator and is board member of the Foundation Golden Child Preparatory School in Ghana, is a member of the Committee of Recommendation of 1%CLUB (give one percent of your time, money and energy and help solve poverty), board member of the Club of Rome - Netherlands Division and author of the book “Een Wereld te Winnen. Zestien visies op Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen” (‘A world to gain: sixteen views on corporate social responsibility’), a multidisciplinary study on corporate social responsibility (Kluwer 2006). Tineke has a long list of publications in the area of CSR, sustainability and biodiversity issues in Law reviews, official documents and journals. A list that will surely continue to grow.

Her personal slogan is from a jazz song: “May Summertime always be with you: let the fish keep jumpin’ and the cotton grow high!”.


Sandra van Beest is our Board Secretary. Sandra is a WorldConnector and a student of International and European Law at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

After being inspired by a book about Nelson Mandela, she started volunteering. First with Cross Your Borders, where she teaches about development cooperation in high schools, and later at the Stop Child Labour Campaign. Between 2006 and 2008 Sandra was Youth Representative of the Netherlands to the United Nation. In 2007 she addressed the United Nations General Assembly and was co referent for Prime Minister Balkenende. She also founded a UN Youth group to involve more young people in the work that she was doing. Together they organized a internship for 14 young people with Right to Play in Tanzania. Sandra is a Board member of the Youth 4 Dialogue Foundation and recently took part in Humanity in Action: an international fellowship program about Human Rights and Minorities.

Sandra believes in the power of people. Her slogan is: ‘Everyone can change the world’.


Carolien Kernkamp is Board Member. Carolien is a Strategy Consultant on Corporate Social Responsibility and Founder and Partner of Just Strategies, a network organization of professionals that share a commitment to the goals and principles of the Earth Charter.

She started her career as a Lawyer and worked as Legal Counsel, Human Resource Director, Strategy Consultant and Interim Manager for profit and not-for-profit organizations. During these years she became an expert in Strategic Organizational Development, Participatory Decision Making and Conflict Resolution.

Carolien describes herself as a practical idealist with a clear vision on what should be changed in society and how to get there. She strongly believes in the transformative power of the private sector and sees the added value of a human rights based framework for Business. She also believes that change happens through individual people (not through institutions) and is inspired by the many grass roots initiatives worldwide working towards a better future for all.

Over time Carolien has worked for many different Human Rights NGO’s. She is currently active as Board Secretary of The Dutch Gender Platform and Board Member of Kreddha, The International Peace Council for States, Peoples and Minorities.

Carolien values the Indian saying: ‘Seek first to understand, before you seek to be understood’. It invites people to share what is important to them and that’s how true collaboration starts.

Jan van de Venis is our Board Chair. Jan van de Venis is owner of law firm JustLaw, Corporate Law and Human Rights. His practice concentrates on human rights in relation to sustainable development (environment, water, health and climate change and role of business). His clients range from politicians, governments, human rights institutions and businesses to NGOs, which he supports on strategy and campaigns and in court cases.

Jan is board (and advisory council) member of many NGOs in the area of sustainability and human rights. He has been a special guest lecturer on human rights at several universities and UN bodies, including UNESCO and UNITAR, for over a decade.

Previously Jan worked as in-house lawyer at Greenpeace International and before that as senior associate at commercial law firms. He is the author of several publications on human rights law and sustainable development and on including Rights of Nature in our societies and is a popular speaker on these subjects, also in relation to corporate social responsibility.

His passion for nature and humanity being reconnected to nature shows from his presidency of the Dutch National Park Dunes of Texel and the initiatives he takes in The Netherlands to have natural areas, starting with the Waddensea, acknowledged as a separate legal entities, which would be the first rights of nature in The Netherlands. Have a look at his TEDx Talk "Who owns Nature", which includes his plea for Rights of Nature for the Wadden Sea. Jan is recognised as a UN Harmony with Nature expert.

Jan is also currently involved as advisor to multiple campaigns and initiatives on human rights and a healthy environment and on institutionalising the rights of future generations. He is 'acting' Dutch Ombudsperson for Future Generations at the Lab for Future Generations and Vice Chair of the global Network of Institutions for Future Generations.

One of Jan’s favorite quotes is: "We may not always be able to control things that cross our paths, but we are in control of the way we respond."