What we do


We would prefer to be active on as many human rights topics related to our sustainable future as we could.

Unfortunately we are too restricted in time and means.

We therefore currently focus on seven topics (please know that the info on these pages is correct, but old and often outdated).

On five of these topics, we provide you with info and with links to other organisations that work on these human rights themes.

Two of the topics: The Right to (a Clean and Healthy) Environment and The Right to Water, we more actively campaign on.

The topics are:

  1. Right to a (Clean and Healthy) Environment;
  2. Right to Water;
  3. Right to Development;
  4. Children’s Rights;
  5. Equality Rights;
  6. Human Rights and Business; and
  7. Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

    And since 2020 we work on several Rights of Nature projects