Who we are

Stand Up For Your Rights is an International Human Rights NGO, based in The Netherlands, which focuses on Human Rights issues that are intertwined with a sustainable future of people and all life on this planet.

Stand Up For Your Rights is registered as a charitable foundation under Dutch law.

Our statutory goal, as set out in our articles of association, is

"To promote, protect, support and develop human rights. More specifically of human rights related to a sustainable future of people on planet earth."


Stand Up For Your Rights tries to accomplish this goal by taking on tasks and activities which could support its statutory goal, such as

  • Via education, information, research, consultation and action obtaining a sustainable balance between humans, human rights, environment and nature conservation;

  • By bringing and keeping together international and local groups, including but not limited to civil society, NGO and nonprofit groups and networks, involved in human rights, development, nature conservation and/or environmental issues and to motivate them to actively take on the overarching human rights;

  • By addressing concrete local, regional and global issues, violations or problems;

  • By addressing misconduct and impunity of violations of or related to human rights;

  • By supporting those who are at risk because of their human rights activities;

  • By organising international meetings and consultations supporting the goal; and

  • By developing and undertaking other activities.