Volunteers / Jobs

We currently do not have any job openings. But there’ s a lot of work to be done when it comes to a human rights approach to a sustainable future on this planet. And help is always welcome.

Stand Up For Your Rights is based in Amsterdam and we have volunteering opportunities on a regular basis for those who are interested in helping us out.

We do not have enough office space to enable you to (physically) work from a Stand Up For Your Rights office. This, however makes it a lot more flexible for you to volunteer: you pick your time and location; anywhere on this planet.

If the above hasn’t scared you of and you would like to volunteer for Stand Up For Your Rights, please fill in the contact form available at the bottom of the left site navigation, specifying what you think you could contribute to Stand Up For Your Rights’ mission, letting us know which Topic you would like to work on and when you would be available.

Finally Stand Up For Your Rights would like to ask you to - in everyday life - be the positive change you’d like to see in this world. And to stand up for your rights and those of others. Thanks for that!