Our Mission


Our mission is to increase worldwide public understanding that acknowledging specific human rights that are related to the environment, water, development, equality, our children, poverty and doing business are crucial elements to a sustainable future on planet earth.

As human rights are the most fundamental values of society, on a level superior to ordinary legislation, we have to broaden the human rights spectrum to include those related to sustainable development.

We strive to be a positive global advocacy movement promoting the acknowledgement, development and enforcement of such rights, whilst focusing on unity and equity. We intend to bring our message as positive as we can. Unfortunately human rights generally are called upon when there are gross violations and people get hurt.

We want to also stress that having human rights is something to be aware of, to cherish and to celebrate.

Stand Up For Your Rights tries to accomplish this:


  • By taking on tasks and activities, which could support its statutory goal and mission, such as education, information, research, consultation and campaigning focusing on a sustainable balance between humans, human rights, environment and nature conservation;
  • By bringing and keeping together international and local groups, including but not limited to civil society, NGO and non-profit groups and networks, involved in human rights, development, nature conservation and/or environmental issues and to motivate them to actively take on the overarching human rights; and
  • By addressing concrete local, regional and global issues, violations or problems.